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CS - Training options


Everyone learns differently, and with that in mind we aim to tailor a course specifically for you, based on ease of access, affordability and the most productive approach for the learner.

Our tutor says:  

The tens of thousands of English words are made up of just 44 sounds (phonemes), and CS makes these visible with only 8 positions and 4 handshapes.  Students must learn which of the 12 cues goes with each phoneme, and also learn the three simple rules to combine the cues into words.  However, unlike learning a new language, it’s a simple, finite system and once you have learnt the system you can cue any word.  Many students understand the basics within a few hours and most students can cue any word from memory (but initially very slowly) after 20 hours of tuition / practice.

1. Half day- or Full-day Workshops:

These are an excellent way to start; they cover the basics of the Cued Speech system, research, and information about how to use Cued Speech.  They are suitable for parents and professionals who wish to start to learn Cued Speech.

At the end of the half-day workshop students should:

- understand how the Cued Speech system works and, with the help of the chart, be able to cue simple words
- know how to use free web-based resources to practice and use Cued Speech with
- have an understanding of the theory and practical benefits and uses of Cued Speech
- know who Cued Speech can help and in what way.

Additionally at the end of a full-day workshop students should:

- consolidate, through practise, the skills which were introduced on the first day, cueing some words from memory
- learn how to cue longer words and short phrases
- have additional information about how to use Cued Speech, and in more specific situations.

The workshops will give students basic cueing skills and the knowledge of how they can develop these skills (perhaps with e-learning and home study) into a practical, every-day skill. 

The cost of a half-day workshop (3hrs) for up to 20 people is £295

The cost of a full-day workshop (6hrs) for up to 20 people is £450

2. Skype training:

Skype training, either for yourself, your family or a small group, can be delivered to your home or workplace at a time that suits your schedule. It is cost-effective and flexible and the first 40-minute session is FREE when you book a block of seven sessions. 


If you start with Skype training, a minimum of six hours is recommended to set you on your way.  You can then either continue to Skype, or utilise one of our other methods of teaching. The Skype tutor can help you practice with the e-learning website. 

Technical: If you haven’t used Skype previously, you will need a broadband connection, webcam, microphone and speakers on your computer or mobile device.  Download the latest free version of Skype from www.skype.com or a Skype app and, once the programme is installed, choose a ‘Skype name’.  On the Skype home page use the ‘add contact’ button to add your tutor to your contact list.  We will give you the tutor’s details. 


                                    7 sessions (40-minutes each): £210 (for up to 4 people)

                                    Additional 40-minute sessions: £35

If costs are a problem ask about our subsidised and free training for parents

3. Our e-learning website:

Working systematically through the easy-to-use ‘Learn to Cue’ website, you can learn all the basics of CS.  Complete with examples, visual aids, practice tasks and games, the site works using ‘Flash’ software, so can be accessed on most modern desktop computers and several mobile devices with access to Flash.

Accessing professional tuition, be it at a workshop or through ‘Skype’, is still recommended, but e-learning:

  • allows you to work through the system at your own pace and/or
  • enables you to re-cap and practice your skills
  • is an ideal support between face-to-face sessions. 

The website has an accompanying Cued Speech Training Workbook

Contact us to request the workbook and for any questions. 

Costs:  our e-learning website - www.learntocue.co.uk  - is free

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