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With Cued Speech, your deaf baby or deaf child can:

» Understand and use the English Language
» Become fully literate

Familes learn for free - contact us

Would you like to be part of the Cued Speech team:?  We are recruiting Family Support Practitioners in South East Wales and Hertfordshire.  Click here for details.

If you have a deaf baby or child, or support one at school or nursery, we can help you communicate, and enable your child to fully learn the English language, by teaching you the simple system of Cued Speech (CS). CS, which can be learnt in about 20 hours, combines eight handshapes in four positions near thJob opportunitiese mouth, with the lip patterns of normal speech, to make every sound a person is saying visually clear.

CS can work alongside British Sign Language (BSL) for true bilingualism in both BSL and English, and complements the use of hearing aids and implants.

Our charity provides: information about and training in Cued Speech throughout the UK.

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Working With

  • If you are the parent of a deaf child or baby, with little to no background knowledge of CS, we recommend you start by reading our basic informtion
  • If you or your child is a BSL user, visit our page on CS bilingualism to see how both systems can work together
  • If your child has or might have an aid or implant, go to our section on cochlear implants to find out more.
Local Offer

  • If you work closely with a deaf child or baby, please start by reading our basic information page
  • From there, each page can offer insight into the various facets of the CS system
  • CS can open up educational doors for its young users, and improve their communication in social and home environments
  • Information sessions can be booked here

Though this site is geared towards younger users, deaf or deafened adults can also benefit from the use of CS
  • If you are new to CS, start by reading the basics
  • The adults section will give a brief overview of the benefits of CS to someone deaf, or deafened in later life
  • If you would like to book a CS Transliterator, please contact us
The Cued Speech Association UK works closely with many other organisations, and is a member of The Communication Trust and The UK Council on Deafness


The Local Offer is the government initiative to provide clear, comprehensive, accessible and up to date information about the available SEN provision


A brilliant Tedx Talks special, featuring a concise and complete introduction to Cued Speech, performed by American educator and CS user, Cathy Rasmussen.